Dýmky, tabáky, tabáky do dýmky, doutníky, dýmkové tabáky


Výroba dýmek

Výroba dýmek

About me

Petr Kucera (*1958)

After I reached my fifty, when my handicap didn’t allow me to go to work any more, I have focused my attention on my beloved pipes again. But let’s start the story from it's beginning. When I was seventeen I bought my first pipe during the summer holidays and thereafter my destiny was determined. I haven’t left pipes since that time. Pipes have accompanied me through my entire life. And why?

The answer is clear. Pipe is a woman, beauty, friend, helper and love. If you use it the right way, if you give it some time every day, it will serve you faithfully and it will provide you lot of happy moments in your life. Pipe is passion, a lover, a fellow-believer and a companion at once. The pipe is a testimony to the human skills, handicraft knack, it is a subject that receives frequent use on beauty and one of the few things that passes the real life.

If you like unforgettable experiences, you sit in the armchair with a glass of wine and reading a book, or looking at a painting or statue, holding a pipe is almost necessity for you. You can bury yourself into the mysteries of your mind and you can have a rest in these rush times while a bluish mist is hanging in the air.

Now hopefully permanently settled in Brdy, I managed to realize my lifelong dream. I built an atelier and I started to create pipes. Czech pipe makers Jan Klouček and Tomáš “Basa” Mahovský initiated me into the mysteries of pipe production. I am very grateful to them for their patience and for the possibility of having the chance to learn something from them. That’s why I could search for the great art possibilities which are hidden in pipe making. Set out for the journey of searching with me. Choose a shape which impresses you the most. Every single pipe is handmade, unrepeatable original. Only you will be the owner of that particular pipe. That might be good reason for having that kind of pipe in your collection. I would be very glad if you decide to have one.